What is aleyo platform ?
Aleyo is basically an audio, video and web conferencing platform Where, you collaborate with your team, on audio or video conferences. You can use Aleyo, to conduct an online class room session, or, Online consultation with doctors, or,for a team meeting, or a webinar. So you can have a secure, easy and reliable video conferencing with Aleyo.
How to create trial account on Aleyo ?

First, you have to go to www.aleyo.co And then click on “Sign up for free” Button to create a free account for trial. Now you need to fill this signup form and click on click on register. An email will be sent to your registered address for verification. You need to click on the link in email then your account will be verified.

How to Host a meeting on aleyo ?

Once your account is verified you can go to www.aleyo.co and click on Host a Meeting. Please enter your registered email id and password in order to login to the aleyo portal.

How to reset password ?

Click on forgot password link to Reset your login password.

How participants can join the meeting ?

They can go to www.aleyo.co and click on “JOIN A MEETING”.

How Host can start a meeting ?

On meeting details page, you can click on start a meeting, the moment you will click on button, it will ask you, Do you want to start a meeting now, if you choose yes, You will be taken to your Aleyo Meeting without entering any details.

Where is conference recording ?

Its on portal, all your recorded meetings are kept here, which you can play. If any time, you need any support, You can click on the “Live chat” to directly contact the customer support team.

What is access microphone ?

When you start your meeting. As this is secure browser based application, it will ask you to allow access to your microphone. If the system ask you that google chrome wants to access your microphone, you need to click on yes.

How to identify who is a moderator and who is a participant in a conference ?

Moderator can be identified by a square symbol and a small presenter icon. You can see the mic is turned green, it states that, mic is working fine and accepting input.

What is whiteboard ?

Whiteboard is a place to draw and type during the interactive conference. To use the whiteboard , Please click on the bottom right icon, Restore presentation and the white window will appear on your screen. This white screen can be used as a whiteboard to draw and type anything or to share any presentation file.
You can doodle something on this whiteboard. Just click on this hand tool icon, it will open a set of tools to be used. You can select a pencil to draw something.
Suppose you want to type something in here, you can select the text tool and draw a box inside which you have to write and just type anything there, This is how you all can collaborate on this whiteboard. You can undo the annotation and clear all whiteboard at once as well.
You can also change the thickness and color of the text and lines. If whiteboard number one, gets filled you can go for board number one, two three four. You can use multiple tools here like triangle, rectangle, triangle, eclipse , lines etc as per your requirement.If you want the whiteboard to be a full screen , you need to click on this icon, and you can see you can get the whiteboard on full screen for a seamless and complete view.You can again disable the full screen.

How to enable whiteboard for participants ?

If you want to share this whiteboard with all your participants. You need to click on the multi, whiteboard on, so that everybody else Can doodle here.

How to make conference full screen ?

If you don't want a chat or list of participants interface here, you can click on this tiny human icon to have a seamless and complete view of this application.

How to record conference ?

If you want to record this session, moderators can simply click on this recording button. You see, how I paused this recording by clicking on this recording button again. You will get irrespective of numbers of time you have paused and resumed the recording.

How to Mute all participants ?

Below shared notes, you can find the total number of users, there is a small setting icon which says Manage users. Please click on this and then select Mute all users. This will mute all the participants.

How to share my screen or system with participants ?

Please note screen sharing, and file upload can only be done by the presenter of the meeting. There can be multiple moderators in the meeting but only one presenter at a time. You can take presentership by your own.
To share your screen you can click on the share screen icon , which is the right hand side of the video icon. The moment you will share your screen , you can see , you can share three things.
You can share the entire screen, a particular application or a google chrome tab. If there are multiple tabs open in your chrome browser , you can select the one which you want to share.
If you want to share an application , then that application MUST be running in the system before you share it. You just need to elect the application front he list and the particular application will be shared with your team.
If you want to share your entire screen with your team then you can choose entire screen option, and then select the entire screen Window inside this block and then you will see the share button got highlighted.
You can share any content from your system similarly you can share any Audio and video file through screen share. You can also use this feature showcase live animation, live classwork by working on word, excel or any other application in your system and share it live With your teammates.
You can stop sharing it by clicking on the stop sharing button and now you can see the sharing has been disabled.

When i share my screen , i can see multiple windows are shared ?

One important thing is , if you want to share the entire screen , you need to select the With your participants, if you will remain on the aleyo web conferencing application screen , you can see its sharing it again and again as multiple screens.
Because, you are already sharing this screen, when, you first started this meeting with others through aleyo conferencing system.You need to choose the application or window which you want to share, you don’t mean to share aleyo web application which is already shared.

How to take attendance or save names of all users who joined my meeting ?

Click on manage users icon and then you can click on the save name and it will save all the participants names into your system.

How to Disable webcam of all users or Forcibly mute everybody. ?

You can use lock viewers feature, where you can control the participants. Here you can find below options available.
You can disable the webcam for all the participants. And after locking the feature you need to apply these settings.
You can disable them from seeing each other on a webcam. When You are muting participants, they can unmute themselves. But you can lock their microphone here so that they won't be able to speak anything
You can also lock , public chat, private char, shared notes as well, so that they can’t write anything on public chat, private chat or in shared notes.
Now, if you don’t want any user to see each other in the left side user list , you can lock this feature. So after selecting this feature , you need to apply these settings. So that the setting has been applied and notification has been sent to everybody.
Now even if the user wants, he won’t be able to speak, or start a webcam or write anything in chat or notes. Also none of the users can see each other in the left side list, what they can see is only moderator in the list. You can again disable it. And the notification will again to everybody. So that everybody can see each other And write into chat or notes.
Isn’t it a great controlling feature for moderators or host of the conference.

How to create a breakout room or private/sub conference ?

You can use a breakout room in a corporate meeting to discuss something confidential while there are a lot of other participants there in the main conference.
A teacher can use it for classwork, where he can divide the class in groups and assign them in different classes. You can create multiple rooms.
Either you can assign users in a room or you can allow them to join by themselves. If you allow them to join by themes then it will affect the privacy. So you need to deselect the auto assign feature and you can choose which all users can go to the private room. If you have this private room to run ONLY for 10 minutes then you can se a time for the same.
Now, you can click on create room, and thus room will be created and it will ask you to join the room number.You need to say yes and so the participant and here you are. You are inside the secure and private room to discuss anything confidential.
You can see the main meeting will be running along with private meeting room. Now either you can logout from this private conference and click on the main meeting tab to join it again or just wait for the private meeting to be over.
If moderator wants, he can end the private breakout room anytime, For this he needs to click on END breakout room, so that all that, all the breakout rooms, will be ended and all the participants will Join back to the Main meeting room.
So this is very easy , you can have multiple private rooms running at the same time along with the main meeting.

How to change language of the application ?

You can also use this application in your own language.You can select three dot in the top right corner and select the application language. You can use this application in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and all other listed languages. If you want your own language which is not listed here, please let us know.

How to get Technical support on Aleyo ?
At any point if you face any issue, you can click on Live chat Link, to chat with our operator and customer support team.
How to invite people for meeting ?

When you will login as a Host to Host a meeting. You can find the interface, to Invite people for meetings.

Where are my meeting details and passcodes ?
When you login to your account, you can click on meeting details. Now you can see your, meeting room id, Your moderator PIN , and your participant PIN, Which you can reset any time.
How to reset moderator/ participant Pin ?

When you login and click on meeting details page, You can click on reset Button, it will ask you, whether you want to reset your moderator passcode, if you choose yes then it will reset the passcode. Similarly You can reset , your participant pin as well.

Where is my meeting link which need to be shared with participants ?

Its on meeting details page.

What to do If I am facing any Microphone or webcam related issue ?

You can click on mic/cam issue link. This will take you to the settings page, Where you can see and learn how to allow and change these settings. It's quite simple, you can see there is a tiny lock in the address bar of the browser. Please click on ALLOW microphone, if it's not allowed. When you enable video it will ask, this website wants to access your camera, please click on yes to allow it.

How camera works ?

You can choose the quality of your video, by default , medium quality is selected, if your network is poor, you can choose , low quality.If your network is very good then you can go for HD quality as well. We recommend to keep it either on medium or Low quality, Based on your network and bandwidth.

How to enable/disable video ?

You need to click on video icon in conference, you can see the video will appear in this window. If you want, you can disable the video as well.You just need to click on stop sharing the webcam icon down the screen. And you see, my webcam has been stopped. So this is how you can share your microphone and webcam.

What is public chat ?

This is a conference feature where you can chat with all your teammates.

What is shared notes ?

After public chat , down there you can see shared notes.Which can be used by the Host of the meeting or any participant to write the Agenda of the meeting or the MOM. If you are a teacher and want to set the topic which needs to be covered today, that can be typed in here. Teachers can also paste the notes here , so that students won’t be busy writing notes rather, they will concentrate on understanding the topic.

How to download shared notes or public chat ?

Anybody who wants to download these notes, can click on this left and right arrow and download it in either plaintext or as HTMl file.
Similarly if you want to download the public chat , you click on these three dots and click on save to save theConversation in your system.

How to clear chat ?

If you want to clear the public chat from the meeting room, you can click on this clear menu and you see , the public chat is cleared from the meeting.

How to upload presentation or share image or file with participants ?

You can share any image, word, ppt, or pdf file. To share a presentation, just click on plus icon and select, upload a presentation. You just need to select a file from your system or drag and drop it and CLICK ON the upload button. You can see the progress of file upload and conversion of the file.
You can see the file has been uploaded, you can also make it full screen. You can go to any slide or if you want to jump on any specific slide number, for this, you can select the number of slide and you will automatically be taken to that slide. You can also draw and highlight sections with your writing tool which we discussion earlier.
If you want to enable drawing for all the participants then you can again click on multi whiteboard on So that all your team members can type, draw or highlight the section.

How can i enable download to the file which i have shared with participants ?

If you want all users to download this file, you can again click on the action icon, which is plus symbol and then click on upload presentation. You will see the download option of presentation is disabled by default, you can enable download by pressing this icon. Just save this setting by clicking on confirm button and then you can find, a small download icon has appeared on the bottom left side of the presentation.
Now all the participants in this meeting can click on the download icon and can download the file in their system, so easy to share this file.

How to start a question and answer session ?

That's very simple,To do this you need to click on the action icon, then click on conduct a poll. Lets see an example, a teacher is asking a question to the students. As you are already interactive with students , you can directly ask them questions or type in here on whiteboard. Please select option TRUE or FALSE
You will choose this option and the same option will be shown to the students screen. Yyou can even publish the result of the poll as well. If you have to provide an option or answer to students which is not here by default , then you can choose a custom poll option.

How to share any video which is hosted on youtube/vimeo/dailymotion to participants ?

You can share any external video, hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, twitch, daily motion etc with the team or students. To share the external video, we will recommend to mute all the participants first, otherwise the speaker output will go inside the mic and will create the echo. So to have the best experience you need to mute everybody.
Now you can click on the action icon, select the option , share an external video and paste the URL of the video. As you know there are lot of education and training materials available on YouTube and other platforms, You can copy their URL and paste it here and, there you are, the video will started playing directly from YouTube, you can even make it full screen for seamless view. Now you can share any video with your students or teammates.
You can also pause it, explain the video and drag the video to jump to time. You can pause , explain and resume the video. To stop the video, again you need to click on action icon and lick on Smtp this video.

How to remove any user from conference ?

You can see on the left most side, where all the users are listed . If you want to remove Any particular user from the meeting, you just need to click on his name and then select option ”Remove user”

How to promote or demote any participant or mute users ?

You can promote or demote any user, If you want to make somebody a moderator then you need to click on his name and click on promote to moderator option.
As a moderator you get more privileges , like removing participants, start and stop recording, mute, unmute users. Etc
Suppose one of your participants wants to share his screen or upload a presentation then you can promote him to moderator or presenter. At any point of time when you feel, you have to present again, a moderator can click on his name and choose option “Take presenter”
Again, I can demote any user to a viewer. You can also mute all the users here.

How to enable notification when i get char or user joins the conference ?

You can change different kinds of notification methods, you can set the audio and push alert for chat and when anybody joins or leaves the meeting.

How to end meeting ?

Finally to close the meeting, you can click on the three top right dot and select to logout , which will logout only yourself from the meeting.
Or moderators can choose an end meeting option to end this meeting and to remove all the participants from the conference.